Telephone and Special application Cables/ Telephone and Special Application Cables/Data Transmission Cables - 4 pair 24 AWG

Data Transmission Cables - 4 pair 24 AWG

Data Transmission Cables

24 AWG - 4 Pair Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP-CAT5) (Enhanced)

Type Of Cable *UTP
Conductor Size 

Solid Plain Copper

24 AWG

Type of Insulation Polypropylene
Thickness of Insulation(mm) 0.21
Type of Shield N.A.
Type of Jacket PVC- Grey(Type 9)
Thickness of Jacket(mm)  0.6
Overall Diameter(mm) 5.3

Conductor Resistance

Max. Ohm/Km at 20oC

Mutual Capacitance Max.   5.6 nF/100M
Capacitance Unbalance Max. 330 pF / 100M

Characteristic Impedance


100 ± 15
Attenuation Max. at 100MHz 22dB / 100M
Cross Talk Min. at 100MHz 32dB / 100M
Core Identification

White / Blue, Blue

White / Orange, Orange

White / Green, Green

White / Brown, Brown

*Tested at ETL laboratory for frequency upto 350Mhz, which exceeds the requirementsof TIA/EIA - 568 A

  Above cables with FIRE RETARDENT or LOW SMOKE ZERO HALOGEN jacket available on request.