Mission & Vision

Our vision

"That Gulf Cable and Electrical Industries become the largest industrial gathering at the local and regional level, with high advanced technology, comprehensive quality, with high-skill local technical expertise, and its products to be characterized by diversity and multiplicity of alternatives at competitive prices."

Our Mission

That our company become a distinguished model of reference in its quality and diversity of products from electrical and telephone cables, both locally and regionally, and to maintain its leadership, originality and precedes its clients ambitions in the level of services, and satisfy its shareholders, and promote its society development.

Our strategy

To transform into a leading company in the production of electric and telephone cables and electric wires and cable joints, and work according to the highest levels of the American British and Gulf qualities, and continue to research and satisfy our varied customer needs, and provide distinguished products, and reach out to prominent local and regional position, the horizontal and vertical expansion, the constant development by keeping up with the transfer of modern technology, whether individually or through partnerships with third parties, and the optimal utilization of the potential of the available material and human resources, and work to expand and increase shareholders' equity and continuing the quest for the development of their benefits.

Our Values
Gulf Cable and Electrical Industries was always keen to abide to a set of core values which ​​are not limited to the company's success factors, but goes beyond to be a continuing source to guide us, where the company thus:


  • Make the utmost effort to satisfy customers.
  • Work with absolute integrity and with the highest ethical standards.
  • Work with finest international quality standards - ISO and BASEC.
  • Engage in the hard work to produce the best and most appropriate to achieve safety and to reduce the proportion of fires.
  • Excellence in Customer Service.
  • Generate and provide greater value to our customers, by offering them a range of value-added services, and by guiding them to the quality of electric wires and cables that are suitable for their basic need.
  • Provide environmentally friendly cables.
  • Innovation and sponsoring ideas and encourage creativity to get the best results.
  • Community service and contribute towards a better tomorrow.